Revenant: Blood Justice

You have probably heard a lot about vampires. The bloodthirsty prowling, the rapacious sex—the bats, mist, and mind control. Enid has heard it all too. And since she is an actual vampire, she could tell you which rumors are true. But the first thing that Enid would want you to know is that you humans really have it all wrong. To her, being a Chosen One is all about the distribution of justice. And right now, trouble is brewing. Any vamp who has been undead for longer than a heartbeat can tell you, when Countess Erzsabet Bathory is in town, things are going to get messy. Enid knows what she would do to a human predator, but has never fought another vampire before. It is against the old laws. But when the blood starts to boil and their feud breaks wide open, there may literally be hell to pay.


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Reviews of “Revenant: Blood Justice” —

“have read several vampire books now and i have to say this is
up with them, brilliantly written you get the here and now plus
in between chapters the past…so you get to know what has
happened and what is happening, and it made for an interesting
read, and i never once felt lost or confused…”

“I love this book!!! Enid is a great character and Lana balances
her out with her…Gabriel is a work in progress!!! Great book!!”

“Great Read! Something different and held my attention the whole time. I read a copy from

“This books touches on so many dimensions of the human experience! The monsters in our lives and in our heads serve to teach us important lessons. Wonderful writing :).”


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Book Title: Revenant: Blood Justice

Author Name: Leslie J Linder

Wholesale Discount: 55% (cover price $19.95)


Genre: Horror

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Date of Publication: May 26, 2017

ISBN: 1612968759


Number of pages: 283

Word Count: about 93,000

Formats available: Print (paperback), electronic at Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Rating: contains violence, adult language, adult situations