Leslie J Linder Press Kit and FAQ

Leslie J Linder author bio:

Leslie Joan Linder lives and works in Downeast Maine. Her non-fiction has appeared in Neo-pagan magazines including SageWoman, Circle Sanctuary, and Witches & Pagans. Her regular column on women and animals entitled, “Child of Artemis,” is in SageWoman. Her vegan pagan blog, “Ahimsa Grove,” is on the Witches & Pagans blogosphere.

Leslie’s poetry has appeared in journals and zines including Wicked Banshee, Forage Poetry, Rat’s Ass Review, and the Project Intersect Journal of vegan eco-feminism.

In fiction, Leslie enjoys exploring vegan-related themes in genres like Horror and Science Fiction. Her debut horror novel entitled, “Revenant: Blood Justice,” is out from Black Rose Writing. She also has a short story, “Catharine Hill,” out in the “Northern Frights” anthology, edited by David Price and published by Grinning Skull Press.



Leslie Joan Linder was born in Albany, NY to Lyle Dean Linder and Mary Jane Linder. After their divorce, Leslie grew up in her mother’s home state of Maine, with regular visits to her father in places like Georgia, Nebraska, and New York. Her father is a retired United Methodist Minister and her mother is a freelance Real Estate Paralegal.

Leslie earned a Bachelor Degree in Sociology at Wayne State College in 1996.

Leslie earned a Masters Degree in Divinity (Theology) at Vanderbilt University in 1999.

Leslie is an Ordained Priestess through the Temple of the Feminine Divine in Bangor, Maine.

Leslie has worked as a Victim’s Advocate, Community and Youth Educator, and Child Welfare Consultant for Next Step Domestic Violence Project since 2001.

Leslie writes a lot about veganism and animal rights. Leslie became a vegetarian in 1997 while studying at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. She became vegan by gradual stages, which culminated in a one month “plunge,” meaning a PETA challenge that she did with a friend in 2011.

Leslie is a member of the following writing organizations:

Horror Writer’s Association

Horror Writers of Maine

New England Horror Writers

New England Science Fiction Association

Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance

Maine Poets Society

National Writers Union: Boston Chapter

International Screenwriter’s Association (ISA)