Leslie’s Poetry:

I started out writing animal rights poetry, because I had so many strong (actually caustic) emotions to vent, once I started confronting the realities that other animals face. Along similar lines, I have found myself writing quite a few current events poems. It wasn’t a plan. It’s just what happens. And, not surprisingly, I love to experiment with dark or Gothic poetry.

Here are a few sources where my poetry can currently be found.

I was gratified to notice that my poem, “Gau Mata (Sacred Cow)” is included on a list of animal rights poetry maintained by All-Creatures.org. I will put a link here not only because of my poem (listed on the site under “G”), but because of all the wonderful contributions it contains, from the likes of William Blake, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Abul ʿAla Al-Maʿarri, and more.

Animal Rights Poetry from All-Creatures.org


Ten Ways To Play The Woman Card” will be featured on the website of Rat’s Ass Review starting Inauguration Day, 2017. Later, it will be included in a print anthology, “Such an Ugly Time.”

Rat’s Ass Review

Anchor Babies” is in Issue Four of Forage Poetry Journal: The Poetry of Politics.

Forage Poetry Journal 


“Love” was published in Issue One of the Project Intersect Journal.

“Trophy” was published in Issue Two.

Project Intersect is, to use their own language, “An anarcha-feminist zine focusing on ethical veganism, activism, & the collective struggle against capitalist patriarchy.”

Project Intersect


immix: is a social justice oriented e-zine that declares its mission to be, “to crush injustice in really lengthy, uninhibited ways.”

My poem, “Basket of Deplorables,” is in Issue 3.

“Dark Mother (Separation Anxiety)” is available in the Fall, 2016 Issue of the Wicked Banshee Press. 

“Paper” is included in the charity anthology, “Still Mill,” edited by Patricia Ranzoni and published by North Country Press. Proceeds donated to the Bucksport Historical Society.